Which Home Schooling Curriculum Is Right For Me?

When choosing a home schooling curriculum you can be met with so many options that it can leave you feeling seriously confused. There are many different home schooling programs that all promise you and your child the best home schooling curriculum available. Which home schooling curriculum is right for you and your family? Is one … Continue reading “Which Home Schooling Curriculum Is Right For Me?”

When choosing a home schooling curriculum you can be met with so many options that it can leave you feeling seriously confused. There are many different home schooling programs that all promise you and your child the best home schooling curriculum available.

Which home schooling curriculum is right for you and your family? Is one home schooling curriculum the right one for all your children? Or does each child need a different approach from their home schooling education?

It’s been my experience that before you go “shopping” for your home schooling curriculum online you need to sit down, find a quite time and consider both your needs and the needs of your child. This is a very important consideration when choosing your best home schooling resource. Your needs are as important as you child’s needs. You’ll be the one teaching the home schooling curriculum. You have to feel comfortable with your choice. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a home schooling online curriculum that appears ideal for your child, if you cannot cope with the time and personal resources needed to achieve the ideal. You and your child will suffer in the long run.

Rather choose a home schooling program that you feel comfortable with and can manage. Once you get into the routine of home schooling, you’ll soon find your feet. Your confidence in your ability to teach will grow. I always say, “Who better to teach your children than their own Mother?” It won’t be long before you’re able to prove to yourself, that you are the best home school teacher for your child.

When it comes time to choose your homeschool curriculum online, I’ve found the following questions to be helpful, in making that final purchasing decision:

  • What is the end goal for my child?
  • Do I want to concentrate on an academic home schooling curriculum, a creative home schooling curriculum or a combination of the two?
  • What is my belief system
  • What are my Religious beliefs, if any?
  • Do I want to teach my children my belief system as part of their home schooling program?
  • Do a want a home schooling curriculum that demands a strict schedule or a more flexible schedule?
  • What is my budget? Remember you’ll not only be buying the home schooling program. You’ll be buying everything from crayons to science experiment kits!

Once you’ve answered these questions you’ll find you have a better understanding of which home schooling curriculum would best suit both you and your children. Now you can shop for your home schooling online curriculum with a positive attitude knowing which home schooling program would be best for your family.

Always bear in mind that every Homeschool family is different. Your neighbour’s choice of home schooling curriculum may work brilliantly for her, but not suit you at all. There is a home schooling program out there to suit everyone, it’s just a matter of knowing what you want from you home schooling curriculum.

Home School Costs

Parents opt for home schooling because they believe that this will offer their children a better education than that which they would receive in a regular school. It is most unlikely that parents would opt for home schooling as a means of saving money, although the presumption that it will be cheaper than a regular school is something that enters the minds of most parents.

Unfortunately, this is a wrong assumption. If there is a savings on the cost of education a child by opting for home schooling, it will be minor.

Giving your child the best education at home means high home schooling costs. Top quality education needs top quality equipment – up to date text books and course material, a library, computers and accessories, lighting, special furniture etc. Remember you are buying at retail what a school buy much cheaper in bulk.

One factor often over looked is not the additional direct expense but the loss of income that should be added to home schooling costs. One parent, usually the mother, will stay at home to teach the children. One the assumption that she has a level of education that makes her competent to teach the children, she could have been working and bringing money home. As an example look at a parent who has a college degree but stays at home to teach. What could the earnings from a job have been? A good amount.

Also there will be areas which the parents can’t cover, like perhaps physics or chemistry. Getting a tutor for these subjects can be very expensive.

However, this does not mean that home schooling costs need be unreasonable. The size of the family is an important consideration. If material can be reused for younger children, the costs drop substantially. Home school support groups often circulate and reuse material. Online discount home school suppliers are another cost effective option, as are buying used books, if you are sure of what you are getting.

Membership to public libraries, and taking children to reduced price shows (home schoolers can easily go for weekday matinees) at theatres, operas and ballets are another money saving option.

Money that would have been spent on tutors, as mentioned above, can sometimes be saved by a barter system. For instance, the mother of a 9 year old may teach anther child English along with hers. In return the other child’s parent will teach both the children maths.

While home schooling is not about saving money, home schooling costs should be taken into account before a decision to go ahead is taken. And remember , the costs are only in material terms. When you are able to decide what your child should be taught, when he or she should learn it, how they will learn and are able to focus the home school experience on building a better life for your child than he or she could have received from a regular school education, you are profiting in ways that cannot be measured in money terms.

The Pros And Cons Of Home Schooling Children

All children need a good education as they are growing up. This is just a known fact. What isn’t so set in concrete however, is how you want to provide that important education. Would you rather have your child attend a public school? Or what about a school that is privately run? Or perhaps you may even think that home schooling children is the answer you are looking for.

While many children actually enjoy all that a public school offers, such as an active environment and lots of peer pressure, other children would not benefit as much from it. And then there are the children, for reasons only known by the parents, who are put into private schools. But even then, some children do not accomplish their best in that environment either. So the alternative for educating your children, may be home schooling them. A parent always wants what is best for his child so the reasons may vary why the decision is made to home school. Along with great benefits, are also a few disadvantages.

Home Schooling Children Can Put An End To Bullying And Teasing

Some parents will home school their child because of an overly amount of bullying and teasing by other children. Regardless of what some kids do, they will forever be the object of hateful and harsh bullies. If your child is being pushed around, there are ways in which you may offer help. First, contact the teacher. If the bullying continues, go the principal. If none of this helps, you may want to consider home schooling your child. The benefit of it will help protect your child and he will no longer be subject to cruel bullies. When your child attends high school, the bullying, more than likely, will be a thing of the past. If you can teach your child at home throughout grade school, while still allowing him to encounter social situations and friendships, your child will be free from the bothersome hooligans that now pester him at school.

Home Schooling Children And Teaching The Correct Religious Beliefs

Spiritual doctrine and a Christian’s beliefs are one of the main causes for such type of study in children. Numerous Christians don’t agree with the world teaching things like evolution and sex education to their children. Many Christians also do not desire to have their child endangered by the boozing, cursing, and sexuality found in worldly-minded schools. Rather, they decide to home school their children. If you go this way, you will have total control over their course of study and how it is instructed. Rather than having your child’s brain occupied with unacceptable things like the different views on sex and scientific theories being instructed as reality, you will be able to teach your child an education on your own terms.

Putting An End To Your Unhappiness With The School System

Many times a parent become displeased with their local school system. An example of this is that kindergarten used to be held half a day, but many places are now having mandatory full day kindergarten. Shouldn’t this just be an option? Also, because of standardized testing, many schools seem like all they are doing is teaching just enough so that their students can pass the test. Is this really a good learning process? Additionally, some schools send elementary school students home with hours of homework every night. Where is the family time and if the teacher has your child for eight hours a day, isn’t that enough time to instill in them, all that is really necessary to grow up to be a productive adult?

So, as you decide if home schooling is best for you and your child and for whatever the reasons may be, keep in mind that you are not alone in your choice to home school. There are hundreds of resources which are available for you online and in stores to help you be the best home school teacher there is. Home schooling children – A great American concept of freedom!